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Conduit bender


What is a conduit bender

conduit benderA conduit bender is a tool used by electricians to bend conduit into different angles in order to neatly organize and route conduits in an area. Since most electricians spend a great deal of time installing conduit, it is of great importance that every electrician know how to use a conduit bender.

Types of conduit benders

The simplest conduit benders are the manual kind, in which the bending and measuring must be done by the operators own force. This is usually enough for small conduits. However for larger diameters electric powered conduit benders are recommended.

Conduit bender prices

Manual conduit benders can cost anywhere from $30 up to $100 and depend on the build quality and sturdiness, and well as the conduit size you wish to bend. Electrical benders can cost in excess of $2000, however these provide the ability to bend very large diameter conduits with ease.

Conduit bender markings

Conduit benders typically have several markings in order to assist in the bending process and calculations. These markings or alignment symbols are shown in the following image.


Common conduit bends

Electricians have named different forms of conduit bends. Some of the most popular bend names are the 90 degree stub-up, the Back to Back, the Offset, and the Three Point Saddle bend.