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Conduit definition


conduit4What is a conduit? In the world of electricians, it has the following definition:

 Conduit (noun): a tube, pipe or duct for protecting electric wires or cables.


Types of conduits

There are many different types of conduits available, which are used depending on the specific electrical installation needs. In this website we describe many different types of conduits in the “Conduit types” category, or from the following list:


Why use conduit to protect electrical wires

You may ask yourself, why go thru the trouble of enclosing electrical wires when most of the time they already have plastic insulation? The reason conduit is used is to provide an extra layer of protection against the elements. Since electrical energy can be dangerous, it is important to protect the wire well.

Some hazards that the conduit protects againsts:

  • Rodents or insects that may bite the wire insulation and cause the metal to become exposed.
  • Accidental pulling of the wires.


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